Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

I think that it would be wonderful to be an Artist in Residence at one of the National Parks, don't you? The Grand Canyon or Yellowstone would be my top two choices. Where would you choose?

While wandering through the Verkamp's Visitor's Center at the south rim of the Grand Canyon, I found a wonderful book of art with the Grand Canyon as the subject. I feel the stirrings of a studio project featuring the Grand Canyon...

Just pen in my sketchbook for the last several days. All of the sketches you see above started with a single blind contour line. After the first line, I sketched by looking up and back at my drawing. But that first line, I wanted it to be the result from my eyes caressing the side of the rock, my mind focused and sharp to every nuance of form, my hand and arm moving in synch in a slow dance across the page. What a treat!


Celeste Bergin said...

I think drawing the Grand Canyon in pen is pretty smart. It can't think of a more complex subject and you've made sense of it. That has to be a fantastic book--and your drawings are just excellent!

Kaylyn said...

What nice sketches! And you are so smart to date and note them...I have old sketchbooks with stuff I have no idea where or when they were done!