Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Susan Ogilvie Workshop: Day Three

San Juan Islands
pastel on Wallis Museum paper
12 x 18

Value sketch
adjusted composition based on
photo reference
so that it was stronger

Path to Cape Flattery
pastel on prepared panel
24 x 18
WIP painted from
value sketch only

At 4:00. when the workshop
is officially done for the day,
Susan Ogilvie works on her
painting, started earlier
as a demo

Not quite finished, according to Susan,
but obviously a strong painting with a
clear light pattern and
interesting composition

Another great day. We painted in the morning after the demo. I worked hard to create a good value sketch before I started the San Juan Islands painting. I can see that it pays off to take the time to create a clear value plan before starting a painting.

In the afternoon, I worked on a second painting, this one on a panel I made this morning. I have mixed feelings about the prepared panels. It feels like I have to work very hard to get complete pastel coverage over my underpainted panel. See all of the yellow peeking through? I am not finished with the painting, but I will have to work hard to get the yellow covered.

Susan spent a lot of time working her way around the room to give each artist her attention. By the end of the day, her demo painting wasn't finished, so she worked on it for a while. I sat and watched her add sky holes in the trees, adjust values, and use information from her photo references to bring her painting closer to completion. She uses expressions like "chunking in color" to describe some of her approach to blocking in shapes.

Sigh. Life is good.

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Celeste Bergin said...

~! I think your patterned support is something you could get to appreciate...your painting on it is so interesting! Your water scene is strong too--day three=very successful!