Monday, February 1, 2010

Susan Ogilvie Workshop: Day One

Day 1 painting Dune Grass

Sketch using Golden Mean
considerations for placement

Pastel surface I made today
for sailboat painting tomorrow

Susan Ogilvie demonstrates
how to prepare a panel with
acrylic gel and pumice and
aluminum oxide for tooth

Susan Ogilvie Demo Day 1

I am in Springfield, Oregon at the Emerald Art Center for a week-long pastel workshop with Susan Ogilvie. Here is it, only Day 1, and I already feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

I wanted two things from this workshop: instruction and ideas on how to create my own pastel supports (sanded/toothy surfaces that will hold pastel); and clear teaching on how to create strong compositions.

I have already gotten what I came for, and more!

Susan Ogilvie is an articulate instructor who experiments a lot in her own art practice to grow and become a better artist. Attending her workshop is like getting a peek at her thinking process, a little like the movie "Being John Malkovich." Only much better.

The top photo is one I did quickly at the end of the day, using some of the new ideas about composition but painting in my same way on Kitty Wallis Museum Paper with an underpainting of pigments in dispersion.

The sketch of the sailboats shows more of what I learned about composition. Actually it shows how I am trying to apply what Susan said about using the Golden Mean to inform me of where to place certain components of my painting/sketch. I tried to sketch big shapes and assign values to them in a way that made an interesting whole. What do you think?

Tomorrow I will paint the sailboats painting on my newly created ORANGE panel. It's 18 x 24 so that will probably take me a while to paint. I'm excited to see what I made when I brushed on the pumice and acrylic.

Susan's demo painting is a knock-out! I am pooped but also very excited for tomorrow.

It's extra fun to meet new people at workshops, too. The three women at my table at lunch were spectacular human beings and I enjoyed every minute with them.

It feels a little like bedtime to me. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, learning is hard work. I may be tired, but believe me, I am smiling!


Celeste Bergin said...

What a nice report from the front lines of a workshop! Thanks for such a comprehensive run down about the day. I love your sailboat sketch and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do. Say Hi to M. Fisher! (He's there, isn't he?)

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I'll say "Hi" to Michael when I see him tomorrow. Stay tuned for a sailboat painting tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever show your work in the Seattle area? I'd love to see it in person! What a fun get away you must be having!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks, Joni! I am having a ball. Would love for you to see my work in person ... so far I'm not showing in Seattle. But, never say never.