Thursday, February 4, 2010

Susan Ogilvie Workshop Day Four

pastel on Wallis Museum
12 x 16

Salt Marsh
pastel on Wallis Museum
12 x 14

Salt Marsh underpainting
sometimes the underpainting
is so strong it's tempting to sign it
and call it "done"

Susan Ogilvie's demo
acrylic underpainting
directly on Gatorfoam

I loved today's demo! Susan painted the acrylic underpainting you see above. After it dried, she applied pumice gel to create a sanded surface on top of this underpainting. Since the gel dries clear, she can paint pastel right over the top of this to create a multi-layered beautiful painting. I will try this when I get home, since I didn't bring enough panels or much variety of acrylic paint.

Today my focus was to get my compositions right and to use my photo references as suggestions rather than directives. Much more creativity in placement of the pieces, more intentional placement of light and dark patterns, and some stuff made up based on things only hinted at in the photos.

I think I am getting stronger paintings with more dynamic compositions. The depth and sense of scale are pleasing to me.

My art friend, Celeste Bergin, says, "You're only as good as your last painting." Tonight, I'm feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow is the last day of the workshop. We voted to end the session with a critique. I am excited. But VERY tired! Not too tired to smile, though. It's been a great week!


Celeste Bergin said...

I said that? lol..I guess that is true enough. Well, if it *is* true..your last paintings are superb! I especially love those sailboats!
Another great run down of the day. Thanks for sharing the experience!

Karen E. Lewis said...

You made gorgeous paintings. I see what you mean about enjoying the underpainting. A thought: maybe because the underpainting is so strong, it creates good bones for the next layer.


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Karen! Thanks for the encouraging words. I think you're right about the underpainting. When it's right, it's a perfect structure to build a strong painting.

Timon Sloane said...

I'm enjoying following the workshop through your posts. I'd love to take a workshop with Susan someday, so it's great to get this inside viewpoint. Thanks.