Sunday, October 17, 2010

North Fork of the Lewis River

pastel and pigment dispersion
18 x 24 on Wallis Museum Paper

Lewisville Park is a special place for me and filled with memories. For about 15 years I took my sons to this park to play in the river, to throw rocks and frisbees, to run around, to climb on play equipment, to picnic, to walk and talk. Now my sons are married and live far away. My trips to the park are for walking or painting. I steer clear of the play equipment.

Many things have changed over time, but the river remains the same. It mirrors the trees and sky in its flat places and allows peeks of its rocky bottom if the light is just right. It whispers and roars over boulders and swirls and eddies and finds its way past. Relentlessly, it runs to the mighty Columbia River, and from there out to the sea.

Today I painted the water as it flowed over the rocks. And I felt the prick of sadness that my sons are grown and no longer go to the park with their mom. And painted just a bit of the jumbling of thoughts and feelings and the beautiful sight of flowing water.

It was a day like that.


Kitty Wallis said...

WOw! Fine piece. Full of color and movement.

Celeste Bergin said...

You described what it is like to have that tinge of loneliness ....knowing things must change...but just not being completely happy about it! I love the painting too. Even though you've described a sadness, the painting seems optimistic.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

I love your writing as much as your visual art--this painting seems to really emulate your feelings --the bright and vibrant stokes moving rhythmically and overlapping what's below--btw was struck by your progress in recent oil paintings, especially rocks w water--you nailed the rocks!!!..

SamArtDog said...

You may have been feeling blue, but your painting tosses so many colors in with it that sadness becomes so much more. It alway is.

JeMA said...

I can feel your thoughts and feelings coming out through the paint. I connect with you missing your sons at a place where you spent time together. I think it is wonderful that you let it flow out in beautiful colors.