Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Pastel Party ... for ME!

Soon after I lost all of my pastels when I fell into the water in Bremerton, Kitty Wallis told me that she wanted to have a pastel making party to replace them. Many of the pastels I lost were pastels I had made by hand in Kitty's workshops. Nothing that could be replaced at a store, even a great store like Dakota Art Pastels in Mount Vernon, WA.

Today was the day for the pastel making party. Kitty hosted the event at her studio. Five of us worked for many hours to mix, roll, shape, and create the pastels you see above. I got to specify which colors I missed most, and that directed our efforts. I have really missed my purples and greens, the aquas, pinks, oranges. Heck, I missed every pastel stick I made myself. Who am I kidding?

I did not take home all of the pastels you see, but I took a lion's share. When the pastels were done, Kitty and the others waited in another room while I picked out the pastels I wanted to take home.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My deepest thanks to Kitty for giving back to me the irreplaceable pastels I lost in the water. Thanks, too, to Kimberly, Suzanne, and Slambo for making such beautiful pastels and for giving your day to the party. I am humbled by and grateful for your generosity.

Now I have to wait for these colorful sticks to dry all the way through (they will no longer feel cool to the touch) and I can start to use them.

Woo hoo! A pastel party ... for me! What a great day.


Suzanne said...

Thankyou to Kitty and Katherine for having the party. I'm always impressed by how brilliant the colors are when created from pure pigments with Kitty's recipe. Almost too beautiful to touch as I watch them dry.

Celeste Bergin said...

what an array of gorgeous pastels! You must be very well liked! lol! (yeah yeah...you are). Seriously, I love that your friends rallied around you like this. Sorry I wasn't there--I was at O'Connor's realizings what a pit it is without you and Kitty. lol.
Congratulations on your new pastels. They are fabulous!