Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Working with Critique Comments

using feedback from critique to improve painting


Once a month, I meet with a Structured Critique group. Kitty Wallis leads the sessions by first giving her feedback and constructive criticisms of the paintings. Other participating artists also give feedback. Yesterday there were four of us at the meeting. Four excellent artists! Kitty Wallis, Celeste Bergin, Michael Fisher. And me, of course.

I brought in this refuge landscape for critique. I liked the atmospheric quality to the forms, but I knew it had some value problems and wanted to hear what others thought. Some of the comments related to the extreme values in the main tree and the line of grasses near the tree. In addition, the painting seemed to be sagging off to the side because of the drooping horizon line.

Today I addressed those helpful comments and you can see the results of the improved painting in the top photo.

It is not easy to take criticism. But it is crucial for growth. I am grateful for the generosity of the other artists in considering my work and offering their feedback about how it misses the mark. Eventually, I will improve my aim.

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Donna Sanson said...

I like the changes you made to your critique piece. Feels done. Donna