Friday, April 9, 2010

Budd Inlet, Olympia

During a nice sunbreak, I was able to get out for a sketch walk today in Olympia, Washington. My cleaning duties on the boat were nearly done (frankly, I don't think that they are ever completely done). I found a park bench situated with a view of some of Budd Inlet, so I sat down and did this sketch.

If you like water and sky and boat reflections, the painting/sketching subject matter is limitless here.


Kaylyn said...'re boating, flying, going to the museum, supporting friends in their moment of tragic grief. And painting wonderful paintings and sketches in the in between moments.

I want some of whatever you're taking!!I think you get the dymnamo award.

Ralph said...

Like you I sat out yesterday in the sun unlike you I was unproductive. You painting makes me want once again to feel a brush or knife in my hand or paint on my fingers. Maybe next week. Love the painting as always.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Kaylyn! Hahaha! No dynamo, but maybe an overachiever! The secret is (don't tell anyone) well water to make my coffee.

Ralph -- maybe sitting in the sun is just what your body needed for healing! Hope you're up and back at it soon. Thanks for looking and commenting.

Suzanne said...

I like your painting of boats,water,and reflections. Thanks for the idea of Koi watercolor sketch box. Perfect for travel with limited space in that carry-on tote bag. Enjoy the sunshine! Rain forecast again in 3 days.