Saturday, April 24, 2010

Road Trip

Before heading out on a trip, I try to allow time to clean up my studio. Not because I am such a "neat freak," but because I hate to come home to a mess. Okay, maybe because I am a little too neat, too.

The studio is clean and empty, almost sterile! When I return home, I will have a blank slate on which to write my new ideas.


Carrie H. said...

Good job Katherine! It was such a terrible mess a couple hours ago. Ha

PPASP said...
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Celeste Bergin said...

Sorry, I wrote a comment when I was signed in --in my official capacity of that "other" blog.

WELL. Yes..the 2nd photo down looks like a doctor's office and it is not just the rolly around stool that is making me write that.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks, Carrie! Yeah, I'm a slob alright!

Celeste, er, um, I mean Oscar! Hahahahaha! You crack me up!

Suzanne said...

Wow! Such perfection with the neat and tidy. Not that you were ever that much of a mess. In contrast, I look beside me at my "studio". When leaving town last week the Heilman box was open ready for action and painting that needed some finishing touches still on the easel. Plus lots of clutter. Yours is ready for Architectural Design magazine.