Friday, April 16, 2010

Son time

My son came into town today! Hooray! And, after I fed him, he even agreed to sit for me in the studio. Life is good!

Of course, now I'm out of milk and need to bake more brownies before tomorrow when my other kids arrive. I am a happy mom. And, I remember why I felt like locusts had descended on the kitchen when my kids were at home. I am happy and smiling and whistling my happy tune. Yay!


Kaylyn said...

son comes. brownies gone. HAHA!!

That's a big man of a son you have. I am relieved. I thought you were flying in airplanes with a little tyke at the controls!

Ralph said...

I can feel the joy in your words. Brownies now I just love those but today I am joining my kids for my daughterinlaws birthday and they want me to make stovies so stovies it is. have a great time

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Kathryn!... Stumbled upon your interesting site... glad that "I" did! We share much in common!

Loved your watercolour "play" and "explore". Seemed they were as joyful to "You"... as they were to my eye!

Music and all children... and especially my own... are blessings in my own life. Both have brought joy and learning to my own life!

Brownies? Homemade soup works for my brood! I've gor the pot boilin'... get out and get that milk!

Enjoyed my visit! I'm a Follower... and will be back!

Good painting... and playing!
Bruce Sherman

Anonymous said...

I get to see all my kids this weekend too. It's my 50th birthday! Yeah!

Celeste Bergin said...

looks like a very good start for son's portrait--he had to be antsy sitting there--he's a good sport. I'll be watching to see the next phase. :)

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Kaylyn -- I had to bake more brownies for the others when they arrived! What is it with boys and brownies?

Ralph -- I don't know what "stovies" are. Do tell! Glad you had fun with your kids, too. Life is sweet with kids.

Bruce -- good to have you stop by! Thank you for your comment and for following me!

Joni -- happy 50th! I hope your family time was excellent!

Hi Celeste! I had a good start on the portrait but mucked it up and made him look like Alli Baba. Oh well!

loriann said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Lucky you!