Monday, April 12, 2010

Not crazy!

I'm sure my sketchbook makes me look like I'm a little crazy. I assure you, I am no crazier today than I was last week.

I was looking for sketching subjects when I noticed the light on the water. At first I thought, "the sun looks like an hourglass on the water." I sketched that shape. Once, twice. Six times. The water was moving as the tide pulled and the current shifted it. The dark shape in the middle kept changing. Deep water that pulled and pushed. I kept sketching. More than an hour. Observing. Sketching. Again and again. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but something that pulled me to notice and sketch it will probably end up in a painting. We'll see.

All day yesterday I wondered about the seals. Where were they? Usually the area near Eagle Island is filled with the sounds of their snorting, their curious dark eyes on me as they paddle around the boat, the early morning splashing and frolicking. When I looked to the island this morning, I saw what looked like logs on the beach.

Not logs! Seals! Must have been nap time. Except for this guy. I think he was waving to me!


Kaylyn said...

I think I see an interesting series beginning here. Sketch them all just a bit bigger in color. Then paint the best six or so?

Casey Klahn said...

Those seals gotta love a nice, warm 40 degree day in the diffused sunlight. I'm looking forward to being in Grays Harbor this week, and hope to get some sketching done, too.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

I am so very jealous--you get to absorb such a full smorgasbord of wildlife..I love that you appreciate it so much--not only in your work but your writings. Have you read Gavin Maxwell???

As far as your observation sketches and your responses to light on moving water, they remind me of Bonnards'calendar sketches--although different subject matter-he sketched on the daily calender number squares.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Kaylyn -- great idea!

Enjoy your time at the beach, Casey!

Jan -- you're right about loving wildlife. I read Maxwell to my kids (long ago) but haven't read him recently. I'll be sure to pick him up again!

Thanks for your comments!