Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Start the day with sketching

This morning, after our regular breakfast meeting, a few of the group members (Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters) stayed to sketch. The neighborhood is called Multnomah Village and it features a one-way street lined with many old buildings. Their architecture doesn't all match and the surfaces change from wood to brick to metal to raw construction. Light poles and wires clutter the upper visages, sandwich boards and pipes clutter the lower ones. It is an absolute delight!

Too bad it was cool and sprinkling on us. I could only manage one outdoor sketch (at the bottom of this post) and still rushed my way through it.

Our kind-hearted waitress, Cherie, let us sit in the annex next door where we could sketch in comfort. The annex was filled with curiosities, and some surprising bouquets of fresh flowers.


Carrie H. said...

You got a lot accomplished today. I had a great time painting in the annex this morning.

Ralph said...

I love the little painting of ht flowers light and life it makes me wat to sing and when I think of the blog I feel like singing "Im just sitting watching flowers in the rain" thank you.