Monday, April 26, 2010

Not for the timid

Talk about gestural sketches and using your imagination! These sketches were done from a moving vehicle. Admittedly, I was the passenger, but traveling at 60+mph and sketching is not for the timid. I call these quick gestures with lots of stuff made up. The bottom sketch was done at a five minute stop in a rest area.


Kaylyn said...

Ha! You're proving again that you just never stop!!

The impetus for my really starting to paint again came last August when my husband and I decided to drive from Kansas to Virginia to meet some of my long lost cousins. The thought occurred to me that with so many new vistas, I'd like to draw and paint on the way. I spent many of the hours in the car painting like you did...quick getstural sketches, although in my case they were more messes than sketches! Spent a couple of hours sitting on a stump overlooking a magnificent vista along the Blue Ridge Parkway and made a fairly respectable painting. Sitting there in the sun I realized that I had a lot of work to do, but I would become proficient at painting again. And that's what I'm still working on!

PPASP said...

is that like reading in a car? doesn't that make you sick? haha--nice sketches. Glad you are keeping your hand in.

PPASP said...

sorry I have replied as PPASP again. That is all kinds of wrong. But OH WELL