Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lily pads

Just time to sketch at Elk Rock Gardens at Bishop's Close today with my friend, Celeste Bergin. We knew there was rain in the forecast and the skies were very gray, so just sketchbooks, pencils, and cameras for this adventure.

I was on a mission to find lily pads to study and we spent quite a bit of time watching the fish swim beneath these winter-weary pads.

Sketching, photographing, and then coming home to paint. I will go back later, when the lilies are grown and in bloom. But, today was special, too. Filtered light and oval shapes and time with a friend making art.

Life is good!


Celeste Bergin said...

these winter lily pads look just how they looked--good job! I hope we go back there--it was nice there!

Ralph said...

You two are so lucky having each other. I love those lilly leaves but then I love lillies and all that they symbolise. How they stretch from the mud into the light to bring joy to all.

Now following your blog.