Friday, March 19, 2010

The Palouse, finished at long last

The Palouse
36 x 48

first layers of pastel

Guerra pigment in water dispersion under painting
January 2010

Eastern Washington state looks very different from my home in Western Washington. The softly rolling hills are planted with wheat and lentils and dotted with farm structures. While my sons were in college at Washington State University, I enjoyed many trips to the area known as "The Palouse."

This painting has been in progress since January. Not that I've been working on it all of these months, in fact, I have avoided working on it for some of that time. It's size has confounded me and I have done all kinds of gyrations to step back from it far enough to see what is going on. One day, I positioned the painting so that I could walk outside on the driveway to look at it from 20 feet.

I have given the marine crank on my easel a good workout! Crank up to reach the lower parts of the painting. Crank down to reach the trees and building. Up and down. Step back to look. I wish my arms were longer so that I could paint it with better perspective as I go along.

This painting, with all of my struggles and challenges (both physical and mental) to complete it, will be part of a solid foundation for a better painting in the future.

a big painting dominates every square foot
of the studio space surrounding it


Casey Klahn said...

Hey - we have the same easel! great minds think alike, huh?

Looks like you are painting my home area. It has its difficulties, because the masses and forms are so stark and in some ways unreal looking. I commiserate with your way of viewing it from afar. I used to paint large on my porch for the same reason.

Celeste Bergin said...

it is a very good painting! Worth all the trouble.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I love my easel!

The Palouse is a challenge to paint -- but one I'll try again and again. You?

Ralph said...

I like it. I know the feeling of working on large canvas I love the freedom it gives but it is not the first time I have been out standing in the rain so that I am far enough back from it. In your case it has been worth every bit of effort so bright and that little white house. I wonder if that is where my holy man hides out. LOL

Karen E. Lewis said...

Love the textures!

loriann said...

Hi Katherine! So these are the guerra pigment suspension you told me about. What intense colors they make!Nice.