Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monotype with Jef Gunn -- Day Two

I worked out this design yesterday while I was taking a breather from all of the learning I was doing! In Jef's kitchen area were parts of a few stringed instruments and I enjoyed what happened when I put them together in a sketch.

I forgot to take photos of my work today! I was intent on working at layering the colored inks in a different way, and that took my full attention. Besides, it seemed like I would have time to take photos of my work when I got home tonight, but the pieces are drying in a rack until they will be easily transported. I'll post today's prints when I get them back next week.

Here Jef gave a demonstration of viscosity printing. The images were unexpected and unpredictable (to the uninitiated, especially!) and beautiful. The thinner ink repelled the thicker ink but adhered where the plate was wiped clean. Next time I take a monotype class, I'll try this myself because the results were amazing.

My workshop classmates are more experienced artists than I am and they brought some collage elements to include in their monotypes. The results were beautiful! In the photo above left you can see Jef and Karen checking to make sure that the collage pieces are firmly glued in place. Above right you see Catherine fitting her collage elements together prior to placing her dampened BFK over the top running it through the press.

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Jef is a gifted teacher and he brings a quiet energy to the room. I would definitely take other workshops from him in the future. He has a new book out, "Undo Every Woven." And, his landscape paintings will be part of group show in May at Augen Gallery.

Before this weekend, the whole idea of monotypes was foreign to me. Yesterday, I was exhausted trying to learn the language of printing and inks and cradles and brayers and reversed images and plates and registrations. Whew! Tonight, reflecting on the weekend, I feel excited about trying this again.

Do you suppose I could find a press on Ebay?


Suzanne said...

I'm sure you could find a printer on ebay. Or Peter and Walter can help you.
What a workshop !

Celeste Bergin said...

Great "re-cap" of the Jef Gunn workshop. Jef has earned his outstanding reputation for teaching! I am glad you got to participate. I hope to take a class with him this year. :)

Sara Mathewson said...

Wet Canvas has a "swap shop" where people can buy and sell their unused art stuff. Just a thought:) I came to your blog via Casey Klahns blog. i love the pastel you have at the top of the page right now! I can see why Casey likes it too! My blog isn't active at the moment but I hope to change that soon.