Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pastelmat Take 2 Willapa Bay

Willapa Bay Path
9 x 12 on tan Pastelmat

value sketch first
HB pencil made it hard to get in darks

Another attempt using the Pastelmat. As you can see in the sky area, I had some trouble getting good coverage over the tan toned paper. The surface is soft, but still textured and it seemed to me that the texture was getting in my way.

As I selected my composition today, I was thinking about multiple discussions my group (PPASP) has had regarding pathways into a painting. Some people like it as a compositional tool, others turn red and have smoke come out their ears and say, tersely, "There are NO RULES for composition." Don't ask what happens when you say "focal point." Oh my!

So, I smiled as I painted the watery path of this painting. Does the path make for a strong composition? I'm sure that some will say yes, some will shrug their shoulders, and others will need an extra hit of blood pressure medication.


Celeste Bergin said...

you changed the shape of the watery path considerably from the sketch. Well, my blood pressure is not affected --! :). I know that "lead in" streams and paths are considered strong compositions. All I know is that it is a very bad idea to paint a hedge at the bottom. haha--learned that the hard way.

Suzanne said...

I personally like the feeling of Willapa Bay so I won't need more BP meds tonight but I did notice the frustration getting a smooth pastel sky. After making so many of those bloopers myself.