Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wet Sand

Wet Sand
18 x 24

Eight+, a group within the bigger group Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters, hung their new show today at O'Connor's Restaurant. This time, each artist talked about his/her new work before we hung them. It was great to hear the story behind the paintings!

I am crazy about the beach and about the water on the sand and the sun and how all of that works. In this painting, I tried to capture the abstract sense of it without going into detail. Just looking at this painting makes me smell the sea.

Before long, our group spilled over onto this now-empty table, making it a four table meeting. Imagine the fun! All of those artists. All of that energy and interest in ART. Life is good!


Abby E. Murray said...

so great to see a painting you can fall into, plus a gathering of artists! as soon as i read the title of the painting, i realized i would never be able to paint something so difficult. tricky, yet you accomplish it well, in my opinion!

Casey Klahn said...

This is my favorite image of yours. It is stunning.

Cortni said...

I really like this one! But then again we already knew that I'm a sucker for water, sand, and blue... this is the trifecta.

Celeste Bergin said...

Agree with Casey--it is one of my favorites of yours. I like how it seems a bit like lightning---in the sand. Funny how the land and the sky can seem like the same thing sometimes...in a strange and wonderful way.

Karen E. Lewis said...

Love the perspective.