Monday, March 29, 2010


Early morning and the sun lights up the snowy face of Mt. St Helens. Dedicated hikers, starting long before sunrise, near the rim to peek into the caldera. Deep shadows fill the crater and I can see from the airplane that there are ice shelves along the edge. I want to warn the hikers not to risk a closer look, but I am mute behind the windows and engine drone. I can only wag the wings and see them wave to me.

I whisper, "Be safe. Be wise. Be mindful."


Casey Klahn said...

One time Fred Beckey was standing before a monster cornice on Mt. Hunter (AK) and, without a sound, it calved off right in front of his feet. The North Face of Hunter is thousands of feet of gaping void.

I saw it from the air, too. I could make out his climbing route from those many years before.

I am enjoying these aerial scenes!

Celeste Bergin said...

I love how icy cold this look--and of course the very clean lines of it appeal to me too. Beautiful

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Casey -- what a terrifying experience for Fred Beckey!

Celeste -- thanks!

Ralph said...

As one who loves nothing more to be out in the mountains on my own in the solitude I see this painting as one that fills me with desire. I love the way you have captured this one the snow lying away from the edge suggests there will be no cornice so just sheer joy for the climbers. Thanks for this one

Casey Klahn said...

Fred Beckey? Fear don't enter into his thinking.

Looking forward to the next aerial, too.