Sunday, June 6, 2010


I recall laying on the grass with friends and looking at the clouds in the summer sky. As 7 year olds, we saw dragons and puppies, faces and cars, and giants with big open mouths that could eat you in one bite and not even notice it. On such summer days the sky was filled with clouds and possibilities.

These days, I search the clouds for clues about the upcoming weather. From which direction will the wind come? Lightning or no? Should we race for the shelter of a breakwater or are we safe at anchor?

And, while all of these grown up concerns march through my mind and force organization to my observations, a little girl's daydreams on summer days skips through and around, too.


s. v. Indigo said...

You guys are moving north with so much gusto - hope your weather is a bit better than we have been having in Oregon. And yes, please add me to your list for your letter updates. We read each update, imagining places, conditions. It's as if we are traveling north while staying at home - and have you heard that at home is flood stage rivers and nonstop rain! Enjoying your posts, and hoping that you have a comfortable trip past Cape Caution.

Jan Yates, SCA said...

Katherine ditto to comment above..I SO enjoy reading your travelogue and devouring your images. What a beautiful, atmospheric sky--puts me in mind of Turner.