Monday, June 14, 2010


In a giant 16" x 20" Aquabee sketch pad, I have been tracking the pattern of sunlight on the water since the beginning of our trip. Either early morning or late evening, when the light is slanting toward me, I make these value sketches. Too many cloudy days have limited their number, but they still intrigue me.

They feel like an inkblot test. And, like inkblot tests, they invite the viewer to attach meaning to their images. You tell me what you see and I tell you what it tells me about you.

On second thought, better not tell me what you see. My license to practice is long expired!


Ralph said...

Wow what an interesting thing to do you could so easily combine some of those into a marvellous abstract

Carrie H. said...

This series of Notans remind me of notes from your sketch book earlier this year..(I read them after your workshop with S. Ogilvie)She told you to treat that reflection as a vertical - I see it in your prep.
These are going to be great references and reminders.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks, Ralph! Good to hear from you again. I like these notations of value and I agree, that they will make some interesting abstracts!

Carrie -- you are exactly right about trying to think more vertically. There's just something about the water and the shapes of light on the water that are irresistibly HORIZONTAL that it's tough to tease out the verticals. Thanks for noticing!

loriann said...

Great idea Katherine. Who knows where it will take you!