Thursday, August 25, 2011

not going home

In the days before GPS, I have so confess, I enjoyed getting lost. I enjoyed making a right turn when I knew that a left was the "right" way to go to my destination. 

Sometimes I questioned whether arriving at the destination was really the point, or if the wandering was more what I was seeking. I followed neighborhoods lined with Crepe Myrtle trees, looked for curbs with rings for tying up horses, cheered homes that seemed to be lifted from children's story books. I turned around at dead ends, backed down driveways, and even (sometimes) went the wrong way down a one way street. Not on purpose!

With this idea of the lamp posts, I have driven off the main path, gotten lost, found something to explore for a while. When it no longer interests me, I can press the "Go Home" button and make my way back. 

But I will be different. I will be changed by the experience.

And so, I will once again argue with my GPS, that you can never really "Go Home." And I'm not even so sure that it matters.


Casey Klahn said...

I am enjoying the whole development of the lamp post. The GPS story resonates.

Debra Jones said...

As I'm watching the Hurricane Irene coverage, I read the blog and realized that your 'lamp post' had become a 'lighthouse' in my mind's eye!! Cool. Being directionally challenged, I need that light to lead me home!!