Monday, August 22, 2011


Ask any overachiever. If you miss one question on a test, which is the one bit of information you will retain 25 years later? The correct answer to that question that you missed.

Likewise, when the lamp post painting tanked last week, it became a frustrating MISS for me. I sat with my sketchbook and put down some of my thoughts and ideas for a new lamp post painting. One that might be a HIT. I like hits. Oh, yeah. Hits are much better than misses.

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Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

there is no hit without a few misses..the misses make us better-surrendering and letting go are good things, are they not? hope so 'cause I've got a load of 'misses' piled up in the studio

*really like the cattails below-the hues and tones in the purples and yellows -now every time i look at them in our back field it is in a new light(s)!