Monday, August 15, 2011

white #4

Set up a problem for yourself and then figure out a way to solve it.

These words appear in many of my sketchbooks and notes from art books I have read over the years. I have heard them from fellow artists, teachers, and authors. And now, I am working at not just being a listener, but a do-er.

Yesterday's white still life painting was a disaster and the paper towel roll looked like it had been stomped on by a gorilla. That became my problem to solve today: paint the paper towel roll with feeling and lush paint so that it looks like you really endorse and love those paper towels.

Or, something like that.

I am pleased with the paper towel roll in this painting.  No gorilla crushed its core. It has a nice shape, good rhythm, and I think I could dance to it.

There are plenty of new problems to solve in the white still lifes ahead. And, you know what? That's a very good thing.

The Beatles were just a little bit ahead of my time, but because the cool teenagers who were my role models, idols, and babysitters loved the group, I became a big fan at a young age. And, because I am all about white these days, here's another thought about The White Album. REVOLUTION!

Well, you know we'd all like to change the world ...


SamArtDog said...

Nice still life! I'd buy those paper towels. They say if they're Viva, they won't leaved lint. Not that I'm endorsing them or anything...

Thanks for posting the White Album. Leave it to the boys from Liverpool to color the revolution white.

Anonymous said...

What a difference a little love makes. Even with paper products! There's so much truth to loving or having a special interest what you're painting or illustrating, etc...if my heart isn't really in it I find it doesn't come out very well.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks, Sam. They ARE Viva, a brand I have heard recommended by several teachers. Revolutions in white sound like peaceful ones. What a relief.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Joni: it's amazing how an artist can fall in love with a subject. But, it often comes after some mild dislike and frustration. Viva la difference!